Инструкция для тамагочи конектион

инструкция для тамагочи конектион
Select one, and your bus will take off to its destination. While it is known as the V5 Celebrity in America, it is known as the V5.5 in Australia and New Zealand. It is based on the Royal Dream Family Tamagotchi Plus, with an addition of several exclusive items, characters, and 2 bonus games. You will want to catch the stars, but avoid the space ships. The caretaker then has to lower the weight of the Tamagotchi by playing the game before normal functions may resume. You will receive 300 gotchi points for hitting the lover (orange) and passionate lover (red) milestones.

When one first uses this mode, there is an egg on the screen. It hatches into a different character depending on the last two or three digits in the answer to the first calculation which the user does in this mode. You can visit the town square, the head TamaDepa store which has more items than your local TamaDepa, the Gene Lab, and make a proposal to a character in this location. If you take a toy with you, you use it to play with another tama visiting the square. The key to increasing the discipline meter is to make sure you scold Tamagotchi when necessary. If Tamagotchi beeps at you for no reason, you must discipline it. TamaTownThe Out to Town option let’s you visit the local village by your house.

Motto iD! Ouchi de Tamagotchi Station Plus[edit] This is similar to the Kamasutra DekaTama. Tamagotchi to Asobu Hon»). Tamagotchi Plus has meters for Hunger, Happiness and Discipline. The Tamagotchi 4U+ features 2 baby characters, 4 child characters, 12 adult characters, and 20 Personality Stage forms making a grand total of 38 built-in characters, as opposed to the Tamagotchi 4U’s grand total of 32 built-in characters. Days, month, hours and minutes will be set up one by one using button (A) to scroll and button (B) to choose/set the correct number. NB: As some special events occur on specific dates, please set up the date carefully. Espere um tempo, depois tente novamente. O Tamagotchi apita quando quer sua atenção.

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