Инструкция для пульта для двд плеера

инструкция для пульта для двд плеера
Press Menu on your remote, then use the volume up and down buttons (or the arrow buttons, if your remote has them) to move through the menu options. Pressing [0] — [9]: Allows you to jump to the desired channel on the converter. Once the proper code is found (typically after about five seconds), the device will turn off. 6 Press the Play or Slow button again. Do this only if the device did not turn off after five seconds. Pressing Play or Slow again will tell the remote to try the next batch of codes. For example, to control a DVD player, press the DVD-VCR button.

Write your device’s brand & setup code for future reference. 9. Operating In CABLE Mode To operate your Cable Converter, change it to CABLE mode by pressing the CABLE [] button.Your remote control is designed to operate all the features and functions of your advanced cable converter. Note: AUX mode controls the volume of your auxiliary device, such as your sound system. To change the volume control to your cable box, use the following steps: On your remote, press the CBL and the SELECT/OK buttons simultaneously until all the device buttons blink twice. Pressing : Displays on-screen listing of programs by date, time, channel. You’ll need to keep the remote pointed at the device the entire time you are programming it. 4 Locate the button on the remote for your device. Remote Control Support | Spectrum Remotes If you want to use your remote to manage your other devices, such as your TV, VCR, DVD player, etc., or maximize your experience, then use these tips.

You may have to press this multiple times to find the correct code. 8 Press Stop or OK to lock in your code. You can find your model number printed on the bottom of your remote. Make sure you are keeping the remote pointed at the device, and that you follow each step exactly. How do I get to the menu button on an older TV without a remote? wikiHow Contributor You can use a universal remote control to reassign the menu button. You then lock in the correct code as described below.To program (setup) the remote using CODE SEARCH… 1. Turn on your Device. 2. Press AND HOLD the SETUP key until it BLINKS TWICE. … 3. Press the mode key you wish to program.

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