Инструкция для police headquarters

инструкция для police headquarters
Involve such time demands as would render performance of their duties as a Department employee less efficient. Under such circumstances, management will take appropriate precautions to help protect its employees in the workplace. Uniformed sworn employees must not smoke tobacco products or hold any pipe, cigar, or cigarette, except as may be required during the course of their duties, while in public view. Such behavior must be reported whether it is committed by another Department employee or a City employee. If management determines that an employee has engaged in workplace violence, appropriate action must be taken, which may include discipline up to and including termination. Both policies and procedures are objective oriented; however, policy establishes limits of action while procedure directs response within those limits. 020.50 RULE. A rule is a specific prohibition or requirement which is stated to prevent deviations from policy or procedure.

The decision not to make an arrest will be guided by Department policy and the factual situation involved, not by the personal feelings of the officer. An arrest does not dictate a booking, and a booking does not dictate continued detention. However, the protections of this section shall not apply when the contact was made or the information was disclosed with knowledge that it was false or with willful disregard for its truth or falsity. Crime, its results, and the efforts to combat it are all matters of continuing public concern. The online manual should be used for informational purposes only. Policy is based upon police ethics and experience, the desires of the community, and the mandate of the law. The Department seeks to educate the public regarding traffic regulations through programs aimed at exposing specific problems, by publishing traffic collision and injury statistics, and by giving notice and warnings of changes in regulations prior to taking enforcement action.

Appointment to this Department is based on qualifications not requiring «rites of passage,» such as hazing or initiation. Strength through interacting together and working together on common problems can be enhanced through officers and the people feeling at home with one another in an atmosphere of mutual cooperation. This Manual sets forth the standards, values, and expectations of the Seattle Police Department. The Department will take appropriate legal steps to discourage unlawful acts.

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