Инструкция для htc one su

инструкция для htc one su
Users will not be able to use their device during the installation process (approximately 10 minutes). 11. The system update is complete. OTA Downloads These files are most helpful as they contain a firmware.zip which contains components we might need. Only after a full RUU that removes any modifications.Why? You may need to create an account to download it.Step 3: Download MoonshineMoonshine is the easiest way to achieve S-OFF on the HTC One.

Reset network settingsResetting network settings resets all data connections back to the out of the box factory defaults. From any Home screen, tap Apps.Tap Settings.Scroll to ‘PERSONAL,’ then tap Backup & reset.Tap Network settings reset.Tap RESET SETTINGS > RESET SETTINGS. Soft reset with hardware keysA soft reset is a simulated battery removal. Simple. Some firmwares seem to need it, some don’t. Line is not present in every android-info.txt. If you mess with a zip that contains the line, leave it active. Since all types of corruptions can lead to severe problems it is desirable to have a safer method. Make sure to have the stock Recovery installed.

Reads: no custom messing with firmware zips for S-ON phones.General hints for android-info.txt- Use an Editor that doesn’t mess up linebreaks like Windows Notepad does. Step 6: Enable USB DebuggingGo to Settings -> Developer Options, turn them on (the toggle is at the top right), and check the box next to USB debugging. The screen will display the white HTC screen, and then turn black. The last zip you flashed determines what will be reported by the getvar function. So if you mess around with Firmware.zip’s and RUU’s a lot, chances are, that the version reported there is not equivalent to what you are already running. Куда положить прошивку написано в самом начале инструкции под пунктом 3. 1. Любое вмешательство в прошивку следует начинать с бэкапа!.1.1. Сначала бэкап приложений и данных, чтобы потом восстановить их на новой прошивки.

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