Инструкция для dvr 218

инструкция для dvr 218
Designated Upload Site: Location where MVR recordings stored on media cards are uploaded to server through wireless transmission. For example, an officer may choose to turn off the BWC if its operation is inhibiting a victim or witness from giving a statement. Activation may occur automatically due to a trigger event or be done manually. “Categorize” an event: Term used to classify an event that has been recorded and for which a predetermined retention period has been set. Process requests according to Crime Lab Division SOP’s. d. Public Information Office responsibilities: i. Coordinate with Records Information Unit to manage requests. ii. Fernico’s FAR ProX Imager is the premier solution for the acquisition of evidential content from CD/DVD and Blu-ray discs, irrespective of how the disc was recorded.

Manual Upload: In the event a digital MVR system is unable to wirelessly upload recordings, the digital memory card may be removed and manually uploaded by Crime Lab Unit personnel. You can also search for it on your app store. The SDE-3004N features an 4 channel DVR with a 500 GB hard drive. In the box, you will find 4 night vision water proof cameras.

Alert data: Information captured by an ALPR relating to a license plate that matches the license plate on a BOLO or Hotlist. Slogans, emblems or embellishments shall not be used. Manual Activation: Activation of MVR equipment that is not caused by a trigger event. Pre-Event Recording: Video stored by the MVR system prior to activation.

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