Инструкция cata l 705 ci

инструкция cata l 705 ci
Current classroom teaching required.Prerequisites: EHS 600 [Min Grade: C] EHS 612. Advanced Methods: English Language Arts, 6-14. 3 Hours. Examines the ECU professions, characteristics of good teaching, the nature of teacher education and basic historical and philosophical foundations of ECU education. The course will include discussions and readings on topics central to an adequate understanding of the conceptual and theoretical foundations underlying current curriculum and methods for young children. Participants need to purchase/bring to class the five preselected books and have read two prior to class.

Provides individualized field-based experiences that will meet the unique needs of ECSE candidates in the 5th year, non-traditional program. This course introduces research-based assessment and instructional strategies for equipping students with sensory, health, and physical disabilities with the skills and knowledge that will help them thrive in the classroom and beyond the school day. This internship is designed to assist the prospective graduate in virtually all teaching responsibilities in collaborative settings.Prerequisites: ECT 650 [Min Grade: C] ECT 673. Internship in Collaborative Teaching: Grades 6-12. 3-9 Hours.

This course entails 3 days of field experiences in an English learner summer program. EESL 613. Teaching ESL in a Multicultural Society. 3 Hours. Course requires 40 hours of field experiences beyond class meetings. EHS 611. Advanced Methods: World Languages. 3 Hours. Industry-Leading Durability You never take a day off. New ways of teaching primary math based on Piaget’s theory about how children acquire logico-mathematical knowledge. EEC 680. National Board Portfolio. 3-6 Hours.

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