Инструкция 5245 casio

Bad points After one hour in the dark, the watch goes into a sleep state, regardless of the battery’s charge, and parks the second hand at 12:00. You have to push a button or shine a light on it to start it ticking again. The manual is like a 73-page fortune cookie. A PDF version is on Casio’s website. Питание Огромный плюс умных часов Casio кроется во времени работы, их не нужно заряжать, достаточно раз в год-полтора менять батарейку. На мой взгляд, это гораздо лучше, чем постоянно носить часы к источнику питания. The small dial in the upper left is a 24 hour dial, which is also usually covered up and is hard to read accurately.

From here, you press C to cycle to the next mode or A at any time to escape. Press C for 2 seconds to return to normal mode.(b). Charge is very low. Change the year by pushing D. The second hand points to the last digit of the year. For details about charging, see «Charging the Watch» (page E-8). NEXT Go to step 2. E-3 E-5 E-7 E-9. The numerals give off a slightly bluer phosphorescence than the hands.
When other watches give the correct time, it’s routine. Press B to toggle between DST and standard time.Press D to move second hand until it points to the correct time zone. Дизайн традиционный для G-Shock, этакий трансформер с брутальными стрелками.

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