Indesit d63 инструкция

indesit d63 инструкция
Your appliance parts dealer has impeller and seal kits. Your appliance parts dealer has a seal kit to rebuild the pump. NOTE: These machines may freeze up from non-use. If your machine is frozen, disassemble the pump unit and replace the impeller seal and bearing. TECH TIPS These are very straightforward machines to disassemble. Disconnect the motor leads, the motor mount and the pump suction inlet and discharge. A macerator is located outside the pump screen. Have a shallow pan standing by to catch any water when you remove the hoses.

Если наши старания увенчаются успехом, вы получите документ на свой электронный адрес. Most built-in models are built with removable kickplates as shown in Figure 5-A. Removing this kickplate as shown allows access to the fill valve, electrical junction box, and drive motor. Use a little Vaseline™ to stick the shims to the shaft. To shim the impeller to the proper height, a cardboard gauge comes with the impeller kit. Инструкция машинки Indesit загрузится на Ваш компьютер в формате PDF. Скачать «стиральная машина автомат Indesit инструкция» наши пользователи могут без паролей, смс сообщений или регистраций.

The whole pump and motor unit are easily removed with the machine in place. The fill line is another story. It is usually copper-piped right up to the fill valve. When replacing the module, put a little vegetable oil (VERY little!) around the seal to help it slip into place.

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