Glucocard инструкция

glucocard инструкция
Preparation Testing functions Useful FAQ 35. 35 Removing the G sensor • Slide the sensor disposal lever to eject the used G sensor. Automatic Power Shutoff 2 minutes For more information on the coordinating test strips for this meter, please visit the Arkay Vital test strips page. Otherwise correct test results may not be obtained. CAUTION Do not use a G sensor that has already made contact with blood or control solution. Thus supporting the six-month «good after open» claim, and helps control environmental factors that could affect test strips. Q: What is the test strip shelf-life? A: Test strips have 18-month shelf-life expiration, and are good for up to 6 months after opening. The blood glucose measuring starts only when the correct amount of blood is applied on test strip.

Preparation NOTE If “ ” or “ ” appears, retest your blood glucose using a new G sensor. If one of these indications is displayed again, your condition may be severely Testing aggravated. Testing functions Useful Last test result Only “mg/dL” appears if FAQ no test result is found. 25. 25 Disinfecting your finger and the lancing device • Disinfect the finger to be lanced and the tip of the lancing device with sterile cotton. You can also plot your measurement results in a graph and calculate value averages to allow visual confirmation of measurement values.

Dependable Service and Hassle-free Supplies for Diabetics Who wants to travel to the drug store, deal with bad weather or traffic and then wait in line to see a harried clerk? The test meter will automatically start reading the G sensor. The screen also displays information about how to handle errors such as when there is insufficient blood volume. When you clean the test meter, use soft cloth moistenedwith water. Precautions NOTE Report the test results to your doctor in usage when consulting about future medical treatment. But it actually uses different test strips from Arkray’s three other meters, each of which requires a different strip.

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