Fisher f75 видео инструкция

The clock-speed/recovery between targets is too slow….. and rightfully so.In areas that are somewhat low in targets/trash, the «CL» mode is deeper. The ‘combined’ targets gave a signal strength just strong enough for the detector to barely report a audio response. You will notice that in the LCD it says “G.B. SETTING” and displays a range of numbers from 0 to 99. Yet there are actually 500 possible settings, because each number has a fine-tuning of five steps. Repeatable? Sweep the target from another angle, maybe just 30 degrees to the previous axis. That is not going to be a coin. Although I was not able to get in as much beach hunting as I would have liked, it was enough to learn that the F75 could cut the mustard.

The coil plug has a very rigid heat shrink fitted which will minimise false signals due to movement found on earlier models. For versatility the F75 is hard to beat, and it is definitely a very capable prospecting detector. I managed to pay for the detector in just a few days nugget hunting. I went back to Ganes Creek in 2011, and got gold nuggets every day. Instead of classing sensitivity as deep seeking power in this case, class it as a magnifying glass, more the sensitivity added the bigger smaller items become. However, the F75 is proving that the coming together of great minds can also usher in better products.
The Latest Technology from the Oldest Name in the Industry Fisher F75 wins 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place at the largest competition hunt in the world, competing against other top selling metal detectors from other manufacturers! Those pesky beer bottle caps revealed themselves with ID numbers that jumped around and did not lock. Granted, most Southern New Jersey beaches are lightly mineralized. That smooth, repeatable sound we’re getting: what is it? A coin, a pulltab, a piece of foil, or a nail?

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