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Slants incubated in dark- ness present a pale grayish surface growth with a faint reddish hue, while often show- ing deep-red cell masses in the region between glass wall and agar surface where development proceeds at low oxygen ten- sion. Sup- posedly contain calcium carbonate as in- clusions. The Typ 8E and Typ 8H internal designations are also carried over from the B6 A4 range, but now have an additional identifying suffix – 8EC for the saloon, 8ED for the Avant, and 8HE for the Cabriolet. There is included also an artificial key to the species prepared by Professor V. B. D. Skerman, which key should prove helpful.
Mud and stagnant bodies of of the genus, although it does not appear water. either from Perty’s description or from that Illustration: Migula, Syst. d. Bakt., 1, of Migula {loc. cit.), Bavendamm (Die farb- 1897, PI. Ill, fig. 7. Genus XI. Rhabdomonas Cohn, 1875. (Cohn, Beitr. Model grades are Premium, Premium Plus, and Prestige. Biol. Pfl., 1, Heft 3, 1875, 167; Rhahdochromalium Winogradsky, Schwefel- bacterien, Leipzig, 1888, 100.) Rhab.do.mo’nas. Or. noun rhabdus a rod; Or. noun monas a unit, monad; M.L. noun Manas a protozoan genus; M.L. fem.n. Rhabdomonas the rod monad.

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