Easy balance tetra инструкция

easy balance tetra инструкция
Good cleaning 1 every 6 months and thats it. This practice will also help prevent animals from eating only one type of feed. Could never get my ammonium levels down enough. Сразу боялся, как бы не подохли, но понял, что никакого видимого вреда для рыб нет. Careful attention must be paid to storage of feeds.

Most foodstuffs for fish should be supplemented with a stabilized form of ascorbic acid. Commercial frozen feeds such as brine shrimp, bloodworms, mysids, glassworms, etc, should be discarded after 1 yr. If thawed, these feeds should not be refrozen. When feeding a mixed population of fishes, as is typical in hobbyist tanks, several types of feed items may be required to meet the needs of the fishes.

Given the vast diversity in fishes, it is dangerous to assume what is good for one type of fish will be good for a similar but unrelated fish. At the basic level, it can at least be determined whether the fish is carnivorous, omnivorous, or herbivorous. Live feeds can be varied with diverse commercially prepared feeds. Fish feeds usually have a high protein and oil content, which can deteriorate rapidly. These may be fed once or twice a week.

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