Daewoo refrigerator fr 540n инструкция

daewoo refrigerator fr 540n инструкция
Квалифицированные специалисты по вызову клиента проведут полную диагностику оборудования, найдут все неисправности и оценят возможность проведения ремонта на месте – существует вероятность того, что могут понадобиться дополнительные детали. After the initial plumbing in it please allow up to 96 hours after before ice is dispensed. Ensure foods are not stored for too long. A refrigerator is not a permanent foods keeper.

Ensure the ambient temperature is greater than 5 C. Foods can be frozen if the ambient temperature is below 5 C. Ensure foods with high water content are not stored close to the cold air spout. Home / FAQ / Refrigeration FAQ Water Filter light is on Replace the filter every 6 months. When the compressor starts to run or indeed when it stops the refrigerant, which makes the refrigerator cold, starts flowing through the refrigerant vessels (pipes) which can lead to some noise. Ensure there is sufficient space (at least 10cm’s) between the refrigerator and the wall behind.

Why is there dew on the interior light cover? Water filter light still on after replacement of filter Press LOCK button once and then Press and Hold “ICE-MAKER LOCK” button for 2-3 seconds. My refrigerator is not cold enough Ensure the temperature is not set to low. Cистема потоков воздуха (Система 3D Cooling). Антибактериальная система.

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