Bedienungsanleitung hi98127-hi98128 инструкция

This results in the electrode response becoming increasingly sluggish and eventually impossible to calibrate. TESTER DE pH CON ELECTRODO REEMPLAZABLE, HI 98127 Y HI 98128 pHep 4 y pHep 5 WATERPROOF — HANNA Instruments, Fabricante de instrumentos de medida y análisis. The dual-line LCD screen simultaneously shows the current measurement and the current temperature, and a hold function freezes readings for recording. Adjust the reading to read 4.0 pH. If you can not reach the value (reading higher than 5.0 or lower than 3.0) do a cleaning procedure. You should have a reading of 180mV, 30mV. If the reading is higher than 50mV, you need to replace the electrode. Switch in pH measurement mode and wait for the reading to stabilize.

When able to adjust to 7.0, switch to mV readings on your pH meter. Some testers have an internal sensor, and may have a tip and body that fit inside of a container for measurement. A meter is commonly used in many different environments from laboratories to field research and manufacturing facilities. Use 1g. of the powder for each 100 ml of solution. HI 7074 Cleaning Solution for Inorganic Substances This solution is especially made for inorganic substances but will be very effective in other applications as well. It is usually used in industrial applications. This procedure can be repeated up to 15 times, before the whole fiber gets out.

Probably the fastest cleaning solution you can use. The only thing you have to do is dip the tip of the electrode for 15 minutes, each time the response time begins to slow down. With the new Hanna replenishable junctions, by using an ordinary pair of tweezers, simply pull out 1-2mm (1/8) of the fiber junction and you will literally have a reconditioned pH electrode.

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