Av receiver vsx 827 инструкция пользователя

Adjust volume by rotating the dial with your fingers and the Receiver’s actual volume level is displayed above. Tap action means «ENTER». *7 «PUSH PLAYER»  «PUSH PLAYER» allows you to access your iOS device’s music library directly from iControlAV5 to stream wirelessly to the AV receiver. Please visit the Pioneer website for information on how to update your player. 1. «List» Within a list of music files, tapping the button will start playback; when folders are listed, you need access to items in that particular folder. Connectivity is Key Smartphones have become a convenient and powerful way to stay connected to your favorite entertainment.

Audio Video «EMPHASIS» *2 These settings can be adjusted using your iOS device’s built-in gyroscope to «tilt» to the desired setting. 1. «Bass» The Bass page appears by tapping the «Bass» button.Tilt your device toward you to increase the bass level. The impedances indicated are actual values that speakers can present to an amplifier while playing back music. Tap the «SAVE» button and then tap the number you wish to save. Control app makes it easy to stream new music with Pandora®, or use vTuner® internet radio to access thousands of radio stations from all over the world. Tilt it away from you to decrease the dialogue level. * When the receiver is turned off or put in standby, the «EMPHASIS» settings are reset. «FINGER EQ» *2 You can adjust the EQ settings from the «FINGER EQ» page.Effects are applied to all of output channels simultaneously.
Use this to check what operation screens are provided. 5. «INPUT EDIT» *11 This can be used for rearranging the input functions, turning displays on and off and renaming.The input name can be changed by tapping the «Rename» button then tapping the icon whose input name you want to change. This adjustment is performed for all channels simultaneously. This page will be utilized when you want to add a controlled equipment or connection procedure is failed in case of starting iControlAV5. 1-1.»AVR/BDP» AV receiver selection page appears by tapping «AVR» button. Effects are applied to all of output channels simultaneously.

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