Asus dvd cyberlink power10 windows 8 инструкция по применению русская версия

asus dvd cyberlink power10 windows 8 инструкция по применению русская версия
Software and configuration issues can usually be solved with proper settings or reinstalling drivers. Plug other things into the outlet or outlet strip and see if they work. Properties can also checked by right clicking the device in the Windows Device Manager (Control Panel – System). The Device Manager will put exclamation marks next to device that are not working properly.

Microsoft also has an on-line tool for DVD drives that are not reading or writing to the DVD. Generally, DVD drives have proven to be a very reliable part of the computer system. Hopefully, you will be back on track and leave the frustration behind. Here is a quick run down of how to get the drive working again. Poke the end of a paper clip into the tiny hole next to the DVD drive eject button. Be prepared to deal with an unseated disk that may be jamming things up or to keep the drive from immediately closing again. Outright failures are somewhat rare, so if you are having trouble with your DVD drive hopefully it is a minor problem that can be resolved by following the above steps. Drive settings can be added or altered by accessing the BIOS settings during start-up. If you are unsure how to enter BIOS, look for instructions to appear on the monitor during start-up.

Find the category below that applies to the issue you having with the DVD drive, and follow the suggestions for determining the problem. The Properties Window will say if the device is working properly. If Windows recognizes a problem with the DVD drive’s hardware or drivers, it will be noted here. This is particularly true with external drives. In other words, something is unplugged or there is an issue with something like a surge protector.

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