Anviz d200 инструкция применения

anviz d200 инструкция применения
Inventory This comprehensive modules provide option to monitor inventory levels across all locations. Click on the menu «System maintenance-> Database maintenance. This function is designed to produce a detailed list of punch in/out transactions, and when using it you can find out which employee comes in and out. This report can be generated for an individual employee, a department, or all employees. 18. Monthly Attendance Summary It lists hours worked by regular and overtime hours, and time totals of holiday, vacation, late arrival, early departure, sick, absenteeism, and others. Leave Management This comprehensive module provides options to manage employee leave and absents record. You can select the former by clicking 0=by shift or the latter by 1=with no shift. A. An employee s time and attendance conforms to shift rules: He is on and off-duty based on time and attendance rules and work shift setting.

Check the equipment you want to initialize on the menu of Equipment setting. You can print or export the report by clicking Print or Export Daily Time Attendance List This report lists daily transactions and accumulations of time worked including clock in/out time, overtime, holiday, vacation, late arrival, early departure, sick, absence, and so on. Answer: 1. Open «Add or Remove Programs» in the control panel to uninstall the Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine. 2. Reinstall A0 software and MSDE, and you must restart you computer after the installation. For example, 08:00-17:30 in a weekday is a regular shift which is divided into two work time sections, 08:00-12:00 and 13:30-17:30, and from 12:00 to 13:30 is not treated as work hours.

Встроенный TCP/IP сетевой контроллер позволяет передавать данные через интернет и вести удаленный учет рабочего времени персонала. Every employee s complete time and attendance information is displayed in a single row. See the figures below: Click Add32 You can select a name by clicking the icon in the top right hand corner, or enter your preference to find out employees you want to edit. Production This comprehensive modules provide option of Production. Each transaction is displayed in a single row. 15. Daily Clock in/out List It lists every day s clock in/out transactions by each employee. For the network user, the server name of the operating computer on the workstation can be selected.

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