Aneros инструкция пользователя

aneros инструкция пользователя
Aneros produces Marksman™ which also utilizes propylene glycol. This pulsing of the muscles causes your massager to press and pivot against your prostate, anal passage, sphincter and perineum, creating some incredible sensations! However, it might be worth pointing out to Aneros that a thicker Aneros toy might be something cool to see in the future. With your finger, move up and down the the body of the unit, carefully coating it from tip to base on all sides.

Their medically researched, designed and patented massagers have been specially created to stimulate the prostate gland, release prostate fluid and promote overall prostate health. To watch videos, you need Version 9 or greater of the Flash Player. Some of these are so-called «natural lubricants» that use botanicals such as guar gum, locust bean and aloe. You can submit your questions to us via our “Contact Us” page or send an email to .

This technique is for a short term energy burst and should be limited to the three cycles so you don’t hyperventilate. When it is inserted correctly the anus should pull the P and K-tabs up against your body with no discomfort or pain. With a swing, when a small force is applied at a precise time, the swing is compelled to go higher and higher. Drizzle a very mild soap in there and wash it…just like doing the dishes. I wouldn’t recommend dish soap, though, as you don’t want to use something that could irritate your skin. A very mild body shampoo or cleanser is best.

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