Alti2 нептун 3 инструкция

alti2 нептун 3 инструкция
Virtually any GPS format is now supported — on Linux as well! The ‘Plus’ version, which is usually required to import GPS data is not necessary, saving you $20/year in registration fees! Added support for GlobalSat DG-100, Navilink GPS, MTK, Nokia Landmark Exchange and Swiss Map GPS. Added integrated 3D viewer for GPS tracks (Experimental). New XML-based database format. All you need is an Infrared port or adapter on your computer. With the USB interface to PC, the process is easy, and you get a new toy every time we come up with a new feature. All you need is a plane, people wanting to fly, some GPS or Neptunes/ProTracks and a working internet connection. If you want to organize a cool competition at your home DZ, one email is all it takes to get started!

Logs CRW, wingsuit, hop & pop, and high altitude jumps. You forgot to log your jumps last weekend, did you make 5 jumps Saturday or was it 6? Was the second jump on Sunday that sweet 4-way, or was it a 2-way head down? The Ruggedized Neptune2 has identical functionality as its predecessor and is still produced for both sport and military end-users in it’s more robust aluminum form.Main Features: Waterproof. Several fixes for CSV import Several fixes for Neptune import Jump logs can be backed up to and restored from your account.

When the log is saved to another directory, thumbnails are saved with it. The galaxy contains a durable mechanism made from temperature compensating metals for minimal friction and precision accuracy. Support for evaluating tracking and wingsuit jumps as well as swoops based on time or altitude. A user definable ‘range’ can be marked on the track to exactly measure e.g. distances covered over this range. Dedicated Apps for iOS and Android smartphones have been developed.

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