Alpine pxa-h800 инструкция по установке на русском

Этом популярный формат сжатия данных позволяет вам записывать огромное количество музыки на обычный CD диск. Expand your listening choices by plugging in your USB sticks into the front panel USB port. Variable Illumination Gives You a World of Colour. This cosmetic feature lets you select the colour of the panel illumination on the head unit from four colours: red, blue, green and amber.

Alpine is ready for iPod® / iPhone®. Bring your favourite music collection to your car, and hear it as you want it to be heard – with exceptional clarity, extended dynamic range and full power. Fully wireless, hands-free connection between your Bluetooth enabled cell phone and an Alpine Head Unit. Questo famoso formato compresso permette di conservare una grande quantità di musica in un singolo CD. I modelli con MediaXpander vi permettono di migliorare e ripristinare la piena qualità del suono.
You can get 12 hours of music on a single disc. The all-new Alpine TuneIt App turns your phone into an interface for custom sound tuning, Facebook updates and more! With Variable Illumination, you’re no longer limited to a choice of just a few colours.

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